Avue Technologies Canada Corporation

Momentum Systems Group

Momentum Systems Group
Jeremy Foster | Andrew Bradford | Jonathan Quail | Gareth Gilson

Faculty Supervisor:
Darrell Pfeifer

Momentum Systems Group is developing a Timesheet and Attendance System (TAS) module for Avue Digital Services (ADS), a subscription-based service that allows US Federal Agencies to manage their HR processes online. ADS is an enterprise web application built on J2EE technology hosted on Sun Solaris servers and supported by an Oracle Application Database server. TAS is being developed for Avue’s internal use, although Avue has expressed interest in marketing the module to their clients in the future.

The TAS module is being developed with the use of Oracle’s Business Process Management (BPM) technology, in particular the use of Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) to allow managers to track the timesheets from the moment they are created throughout the approval process to when they reach payroll.

The current system TAS will replace involves the employee obtaining the new timesheet spreadsheet and filling it out. The employee will then send the timesheet to their manager for approval – which in turns sends the timesheet to the administrator for approval. Once the timesheet has been approved at both levels, it is sent to payroll. BPM will allow Avue to visually track the timesheet throughout the process. TAS will also supply Avue with powerful reporting information that will allow administrators to analyze employees and business units within the company and also to analyze the company as a whole.

The use of Web Services and J2EE technology coupled with Oracle’s BPM framework will allow TAS to be easily integrated with commercial payroll systems within Avue and their clients’ systems.