Canadian Asset and Estate Inventory Group

Canadian Asset and Estate Inventory Group
Mike Walts | Michael Kelly | Anh Phan

Faculty Supervisor:
Robert Thorndyke

Canadian Asset and Estate Inventory Group (CAEIG), headed by Mr. Frank Wright, is a startup company that has found a niche in the asset management for insurance and estate purposes market. CAEIG’s business plan includes the development of systems and software to digitally record, manage, and report on, its customers’ assets and provide them with a secure inventory on optical media. This secure inventory, secure in that once placed on the media it will remain as a read-only copy of the customer’s assets, will be designed to be acceptable to both insurance companies for claim resolution, and to lawyer’s for purposes of bequeathment upon the customers passing.

Through experience in the industry, the client has become aware that he requires a custom designed digital means of data collection and reporting. Any off the shelf software tested by CAEIG to fulfill the requirements of their business model were lacking in their overall feature sets, especially those of secure reporting and optical media creation, and were ultimately deemed unsatisfactory.

The fully functional set of applications will provide:

  • Simple user interface
  • Quick and easy asset cataloging process
  • Clear and professional series of dynamic reports
  • Secure approach at every level of the project
  • Client front-end built on the .NET Framework
  • Database server back-end, running on Linux, and built using open-source packages.
  • Secure connections to the database server provided through an encrypted and authenticated virtual private network.

Once completed, the system desired by CAEIG will fulfill the stated requirements by utilizing a database server to house all customer related data, as well as an end-user transaction record. The database will be accessed via a set of client applications that will allow the user to update customer records, import digital images, including scanned copies of merchandise appraisals, and produce detailed reports in a secure, read-only format.

Underlying all of the applications will be the focus on the highest level of security. All transactions between client applications and the database server will be performed over an encrypted data channel. The database server itself will have no connection any outside means of access, either wired or wireless.