Government of BC Common IT Services

Aqua Solutions

Aqua Solutions
Nicholas Steele | Mika Katsumata | Anthony Gabriel

Faculty Supervisor:
Robert Thorndyke

Common IT Services (CITS) provides information technology support services for the provincial government of British Columbia. As part of this mandate CITS looks at new and upcoming technologies to see how they can be used to benefit their clients. This project is to provide a proof of concept implementation using several of these new technologies.

The project is to demonstrate the integration of several Microsoft products and technologies. By doing so it can show possible ways of increasing productivity by allowing users to share critical information and collaborate with other local and remote users, and external clients in a secure way.

As a way of demonstrating the use of these technologies a solution simulating the interaction between a corporate help-desk client and the help-desk staff will be deployed. The client will use a stand-alone application to query a web service to access an SQL Server 2000 database. Access to this web service will be controlled by a security web service using Security Assertion Markup Language and Extensible Access Control Markup Language.

Our objective is to do the following:

  • Deploy a Live Communications Server (LCS), a SQL Server database, and the framework to securely access the database.
  • Provide a client application to query the database via a web service.
  • Deploy security web services to provide access control.
  • Fully document the steps required for the above deployments and configurations.

The project deliverables include:

  • A demonstration application to access the database using an Extended Markup Language (XML) web service interface.
  • A document outlining the complete steps taken to deploy and configure the LCS and security infrastructure - Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and Extensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML), and the steps taken to deploy the LCS test client.