Falcon Software

AC Systems

AC Systems
Christa Bull | Andrew Clow

Faculty Supervisor:
Shohreh Hadian

Falcon-Software is a leading web design and multimedia firm specializing in web-based solutions for companies across North America. A new service they are planning to provide their customers is a Web based Tracker and Lead Generation Tool (Web Tracker).

Currently there is an internal version of the Web Tracker but recent client demand has justified the development of a commercial version. The Web Tracker will fulfill the growing client demand for web analytics that can be used to support e-Businesses. Unfortunately, the original Web Tracker was not developed with commercialization in mind and lacks the advanced capabilities, speed and robustness required by Falcon-Software’s clients.

The Web Tracker application is designed to track customer activity on selected web pages, providing information about customer interest and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Christa Bull and Andrew Clow have been chosen to build this application for Falcon using ASP and MS SQL. Falcon representatives Mike DeWolfe, John Austin and Heather MacFayden are to be the acting liaisons to the project.