Latitude Geographics Group Ltd.

CMD Line Productions

CMD Line Productions
Cesar Pinilla | Michael Paterson | Daryl Frewing

Faculty Supervisor:
Stephen Lang

Latitude Geographics Groups Ltd. is a Geographical Internet based company located in Victoria, BC. Latitude Geographics specializes in helping people use geographic information through their products.

Geocortex is a suite of proven products and services that organizations can use to deliver effective, successful Internet mapping programs. These products use the ESRI’s Internet Mapping Server, ArcIMS, and include the Geocortex Internet Mapping Framework Viewer (IMF). The IMF is an enterprise web based mapping solution that provides a consistent interface for highly technical users. Currently, these products are marketed only to larger clients.

Latitude Geographics wishes to develop a lightweight viewer to serve the needs of non-enterprise users. The new viewer will utilize Macromedia’s Flash as a user interface to allow a much higher level of customization than the enterprise edition. In addition, the new interface will be built with a solid framework to support additional tools and features to be implemented at a later date.

The new lightweight viewer, or Flash Map Viewer (FMV), will be developed by CMD Line Productions, a Camosun College Capstone team consisting of Cesar Pinilla, Michael Paterson, and Daryl Frewing. This project is to be developed for Latitude Geographics completed by June 17th, 2005.