Mercurial Communications Inc.

Mercurial Communications Inc.
Lee McAllister | Brad Lewis | Ian Muir

Faculty Supervisor:
Dale Shpak

Conference Manager ( is a web based system that supports the on-line management of conference registration, payment, abstract submissions, and hosting of related web pages. Originally designed as an E-Learning application with Mercurial Communications, Conference Manager is currently written in Cold Fusion and has evolved over several years

Keynote Networks Ltd, the owners of the Conference Manager System, is wanting the system to be more scalable, modular, and flexible and would like the system rewritten. The project goal is to develop a new design to duplicate the current system's functionality in an architecture that is more modular, easier to extend, and more flexible to use. Although not providing a final implementation, technical parts of the system of the system will be prototyped which, along with the design, will significantly increase the success of building the new Conference Management System

The project team is designing the new system using UML (Unified Modeling Language) and Object Oriented (OO) concepts. Prototypes are being written in PHP5.0 utilizing many of the new OO features along with MySQL 4.2 as the database.