National Forestry Information Services

National Forestry Information Services
Damir Gorjanc | Kevin Dika | Adam Flesher

Faculty Supervisor:
Dale Shpak

The RIGS (Registering Images in Geographic Space) project will aid in the collection and analysis of existing geographic information. This project will help decrease the retrieval and storage difficulties presented in existing physical informational stores, as well as aid in future GIS projects. The target market for this project will initially be for forestry management, but can easily be incorporated in other fields such as geological applications, city planning and analysis, oil field exploration and planning, and any other field that have archived hard copies of maps.

The RIGS project is a utility that will take geometric information from scanned maps to create a World file, which is a file that contains geographic information about a map. The RIGS project is being designed initially for NFIS (National Forest Information System), a section of the Canadian Forestry Service.

The RIGS project will enable the transferral of existing paper maps to a digital medium with stored associated geographic information, which can then be used at a later date by an assortment of different GIS programs. As an open source project, the costs of using the RIGS project will be negligible to user groups.

The development team consists of three members, Adam Flesher, Damir Gorjanc, and Kevin Dika who heads the team. All three are currently enrolled in the Computer Systems Technology course offered at Camosun College, in Victoria, British Columbia. In addition, each member has had previous programming or technical training in various institutes across Canada and in Europe.