Salon Amici

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Mike Watkin | Kelly Darwin | Aaron Stacey

Faculty Supervisor:
Shohreh Hadian

Silicon Zen is a local programming company that requires a web service that can be easily modified to be used across multiple industries by multiple clients. The first iteration of the system will be called ‘Salon Tools’. Salon Amici will be the first client to use the new system.

The system will provide point of sales tracking, inventory services, staff tracking and scheduling and customer bookings. The clients, in this case hair salons, will sign up and pay for a subscription to the service and access their account over the internet. Each module in the system will be independent from the system so the program can be easily customized depending on the customers needs.

The main objective of the project is to replace existing error ridden programs as well as replace existing paper based systems. Our goal is to provide a product that will make managing the day to day operations of a business easier and more productive.

One of the main goals of the system will be to make it modular so that adding on new functionality in the future will be easy. The system being subscriber based will allow for easy upgrades and maintenance.

The system itself will be web based. To ensure the future development of the system and to keep the overall production costs down we have opted to write the program in PHP using a mySQL database. Both of these technologies are royalty free and considered industry standards which means that finding programmers in the future to work on the system will not be an issue.