The Vancouver Island Health Authority

The VIHA Student Group

The VIHA Student Group
Cameron Inouye | Shalini Ramasamy | Jian Hai Wu

Faculty Supervisor:
Stephen Lang

The project being built for VIHA is called the “Vancouver Island Health Authority Network Monitoring Project”, henceforth referred to as NetMon. The NetMon project will provide the Vancouver Island Health Authority and its customers with accurate metrics regarding the WAN network uptime and availability. Metrics will be provided on only the sites that utilize head end switches directly managed by VIHA – as opposed to Telus. The NetMon project will successfully prove that GIS representation, via the web, for VIHA places of business with network activity can generate meaningful and valuable business intelligence. If you can’t measure you can’t manage it!

The VIHA Student Group sincerely thanks the Vancouver Island Health Authority all its support and time