Darrell Wick

ARA Consulting

ARA Consulting
Ryan Charpentier | Aaron Baird | Andrew Burrows

Faculty Supervisor:
Dale Shpak

This project is being prepared for Dr. Darrell Wick on the Product Support Platform (PSP) browser client. The Product Support Platform is a forum for the posting of problems encountered with Siemens product lines and their solutions. It is also commonly used by Siemens to distribute software and firmware upgrades, using the ability to add files to a posting. Currently Siemens is using a version of the PSP that is downloaded and installed on a person's computer. It then interacts with a server at Siemens that gives them the postings and attachments they can view. We are developing a new client for the PSP that will be browser-based. This new client will complement the older client because it will have all the functionality of the existing client, but be accessible from a browser. This will result in a more portable and lightweight system.

The project is being developed with some of the following technologies JAVA 1.4, Java Server Faces, Java Server Pages, Concurrent Versioning System, ANT, Eclipse IDE, and Tomcat as a testing environment.