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Team Members
  • Gieliam de Beer -
  • Donny Groulx -
  • Darren Woodland -
  • Contact Name: Melissa Atkinson
  • Position: Managing Editor, Lookout Newspaper and Creative Services
  • Company Name: Lookout Newspaper
Faculty Supervisor
  • Deryk Barker
Client Background

The Lookout is a military newspaper operating at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Esquimalt. The newspaper contains military-related stories, with a focus on CFB Esquimalt activities and personnel. The newspaper's primary source of revenue comes from the sale of ad space. The Lookout requires a system to track all data associated with the sale of ad space.

Project Description

The Lookout had a Microsoft Access application that tracked all of their advertising sales. This ad-tracking application's functionality no longer worked correctly, and the application's source code no longer existed. To solve this problem, Base Solutions re-engineered a new ad-tracking system from the old application, and called it AdTrax. The technologies used to create the new ad-tracking system were C# and SQL-Server 2005. Now, the functionality of the AdTrax system supports the Lookout's business case. At the same time, the system enhanced their reporting, billing and sale tracking abilities.

Team Background

Base Solutions members Darren Woodland, Donny Groulx, and Gieliam de Beer are skilled with Microsoft technologies. They also understand and follow application design rules from requirements gathering through to implementation and testing. These skills allowed Base Solutions to develop a successful ad-tracking application called AdTrax. Base Solutions would like to thank Melissa Atkinson from the Lookout newspaper for this opportunity.

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