Team Members
  • Adam Beech
  • Steven Zhao
  • Dylan Machnee
Client Contact
  • Bryan Dempsey
Faculty Supervisor
  • Deryk Barker
Client Background

Bryan Dempsey is an avid guitar player and electrical engineer. He was inspired to develop 3D animation software that would help rhythm guitar players learn and improve their skills in an easy and interactive way.

Project Description

The 3D Rhythm Guitar Tutor is a web-based interactive learning application designed to help rhythm guitar players practice and learn. After registering with the website, users gain access to our online tutor, where they can generate music based on various inputs. Users can customize every aspect of an individual chord and then listen to their creation. To add value to this experience, a 3D rendering of the chord being played appears onscreen, including transitions between chords. With the combination of high-quality sound and 3D visuals, we hope our application will appeal to the educational community.

Team Background

We all bring different combinations of experience that help shape our perspectives on this project. Our time in CST has helped us gain the knowledge to undertake a project like this. We're thankful to our client, Bryan Dempsey, for this opportunity. From here, we are looking forward to our graduation and beginning in the technology industry.

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