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Team Members
  • Anita Chen - lcchen.anita@gmail.com
  • Kristen Ficke - ficke.k@gmail.com
  • Geeta Pabla - riapabla@gmail.com
  • Stephen Woodiwiss - swoodiwiss1@gmail.com
  • Pacific Women's Circle Association (PWCA)
Faculty Supervisor
  • Shohreh Hadian
Client Background

PWCA is a not-for-profit organization composed entirely of part-time volunteers who are spread out across Canada and the US. PWCA's sole purpose is to organize a special, one-week, women-only camp every August at the Cowichan Lake Education Centre. They organize the camp so that they can get together, enjoy each other's company, and relax.

Project Description

PWCA's current registration system exists entirely on paper and relies heavily on the postal service for communication between organizers and with campers. Our team has created a highly customized application that will allow campers to register themselves online while still allowing PWCA to enter any registrations that may arrive in the mail. This application will also allow PWCA organizers to retrieve reports from the system at any time. Because of the scope of this project, it will require a number of phases. We have completed the first of these phases: creating an application that can register campers and produce reports. Later phases may be completed by other Capstone groups. Possible later phases include online payment and payment tracking, e-newsletter subscription, scholarship management, and camp location flexibility.

Team Background

We have enjoyed working with PWCA on the first phase of their online Scheduling and Registration System. This project has given us experience in requirements gathering, data modeling, PHP programming, AJAX, and working in a group. We are proud to have this project in our portfolios. We thank all of the Capstone sponsors, including PWCA, for this opportunity.

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