Hexakopter Logo
Team Members
  • Travis Semple
  • Paul Bernard
  • Yanis Gryshan
  • Cameron Carter
Faculty Supervisor
  • Saryta Schaerer
  • Wayne Mayes
  • Mel Dundas
Project Background

A hexakopter is a type of helicopter. Like a helicopter, a hexakopter is a vertical take-off and landing vehicle. What makes a hexakopter different is that it has six vertical thrust propellers and no tail rotor. It has to bank in the direction it wants to travel. The hexakopter is a very stable flying platform. A hexakopter fills many roles for hobby enthusiasts, emergency response and even the military.

Project Description

Our goal was to design a hexakopter to fly autonomously to GPS co-ordinates while avoiding obstacles in its path. We built our hexakopter using six brushless high efficiency motors, six electronic speed controllers, and an ARM processor to control it all. To help the hexakopter navigate, we used a GPS system and ultrasonic sonar proximity sensors. The completed hexakopter is a prototype for a future project that could perform reconnaissance, deliver supplies or emergency support or even just provide entertainment.

Team Background

Our team all shares similar interests in electronics and computers. Each of us contributed various strengths to complete the hexakopter project. Paul and Travis are excellent programmers. Yanis has very good practical electronic skills. Cameron is really good at designing and prototyping. Understanding the various strengths of our team members and using ourselves as resources helped us to complete our project quickly and efficiently.

Hexakopter Photo