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Team Members
  • John Blackham
  • Chris Graham
  • Michael Sykes
  • Contact - Electric.Trio.Audion@gmail.com
  • Camosun College
Faculty Supervisor
  • Wayne Mayes - mayes@camosun.bc.ca
Project Description

Our team has designed and implemented hardware and software that together constitute Audion, a wireless amplifier which can be used by guitarists anywhere. Audion includes a wireless transmitter that musicians can plug into any guitar to transmit the guitar's sound digitally to the companion wireless receiver. The receiver is part of a digital modeling amplifier that processes and amplifies the guitarist's music. The amplifier features a touch screen LCD display and a functional user interface.

Project Features

Audion is compact, lightweight and powered by a rechargeable battery. Using Audion, a guitarist can take his or her music anywhere and not be burdened by plug-in cabling. Because the system operates in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, it can be used without restriction by musicians around the world.

Team Background

Our team consists of three Camosun College Electronics Engineering students. We are all interested in hardware, software and product development, and innovative design. Working on the Audion project has enabled us to further improve our teamwork and problem-solving skills. We would like to thank Camosun College for giving us the opportunity to develop the Audion system.

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