Team WireDen Logo

Team Members
  • Robert Hoover
  • Brandon Maslen
  • Chris Jarrett
Client Contact
  • Andrew Becker - WireDen Technologies Corporation
Faculty Supervisor
  • Deid Reimer
Client Background

WireDen Technologies is a computer consulting and web design studio. They offer services ranging from custom application to business continuity planning. WireDen was started in September 2009 and is located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We would like to thank WireDen Technologies Corporation for the opportunity to work on the Corporate Gateway project.

Project Description

The WireDen Corporate Gateway system's primary role is to serve as a call tracking and ticket management gateway. The system we developed is based upon an existing gateway system currently used by a third party. WireDen requested that our team develop a replacement system for this third party, as the existing system was inefficient and unable to be easily expanded. Our project involved taking the existing system's code and re-writing it using object oriented methodologies and separating the code into modules. Modularizing the system will allow WireDen to prepare different software packages to specifically meet the requirements of certain companies.

Team Background

Brandon, Rob and Chris will soon graduate from Camosun College's Computers Systems Technology Program. Brandon has experience in the industry and is currently employed by a local IBM subsidiary. All team members are planning on continuing their education once they complete the CST program; Rob and Chris will be taking the Computer Science Bridge program, and Brandon will be taking the Software Engineering Bridge program.

Team WireDen Photo