The Unforgotten Ones

Kimberlee Klein                                                                     The Brief Keepers

It is often difficult for families who have experienced pregnancy loss to find the spiritual healing they need. There is currently no easy way to browse through your options to find the right fit for you, and many healers struggle to either be found or to accept payment for their services. Our project sponsor, Kimberlee Klein, came up with the idea for the unforgotten ones website as a site that will automate the process for both parties, and help to connect healers with the people who need them.


The goal of the project is to help people find the healing they need, and help healers to find clients more easily. The current scope of the project is to create a visually appealing website that contains several systems that will allow users to create accounts, find healers, schedule appointments, and pay for appointments.


Marlo Osborne-Subasic

Marlo got his first taste of programming two years ago at the beginning of the ICS program, and over the course of it he has developed an interest in UI/front-end design, as well as technical writing. In this project, he, along with Bryn, is responsible for the front-end of the website, some of the technical writing, and eventually a small amount of the back-end. After completing his diploma he’d like to work somewhere that will allow for him to make some creative decisions, like working on the UI of a website, app, or the visuals/mechanics of a game.

Bryn Haukaas

Bryn had an interest in designing websites so decided to take the ICS program. Over the course of the program she also developed an interest in project management and some back-end programming as well. During this project, she and Marlo are responsible for building the front end of this website. After this program she hopes to take the skills she learned and start in web development and design and hopefully one day be a project manager.

Shaun Bucyk

Shaun  has always been drawn to technology and figuring out how things work, from cars to computers. This natural curiosity led him to become an apprentice mechanic prior to enrolling in the ICS program at Camosun. He has developed strong team skills by playing competitive sports and cooperative video games with friends. For this project he is implementing the API and database and helping out with the Front-End. He hopes to carry on as a full stack developer after the program.


The members of the Brief Keepers team would like to thank our sponsor, Kimberlee Klein, and the Camosun capstone teachers for all of their support on this project, and for allowing us this opportunity to improve our skills.