Indigenous Perspective Society Database Project

Indigenous Perspective Society is a not-for-profit organization that provides training for the development of Indigenous perspectives. The IPS organization provides important social services supporting the First-Nations communities across British Columbia. The IPS has requested a modern interface for the database, which they interact with for their day-to-day operations.

Calvin Edwards

... After a successful career as a Certified Red-Seal Electrician for eight-years, Calvin Edwards further pursued his passion for programmable logic by enrolling in Camosun’s ICS program. During the program, he has won two awards over two consecutive years in the faculty of Computer Science. In his spare time, he pushes himself to build industry skills in cloud development and DevOps; he currently holds certifications as both an AWS Solutions Architect Associate and an AWS Certified Developer Associate. Calvin plans to acquire the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer practical exam before graduating in August. Calvin’s trades background has provided him with the project management and leadership skills necessary to thrive in the IT industry.

James Hufnagel


James Hufnagel is a fast learner with a passion for technology. He is meticulous and adept at programming and quickly understands algorithms and patterns. During his spare time, he applies himself to various intricate web projects. James’ strong sense of resolve makes him an integral part of the development team. James is focused on securing his role in a company as full-stack developer in pursuit of his passion for logic and programming.

Yoonji (Jane) Tae
... Jane Tae has been interested in technology since her first experiences with a computer. After graduation in Japanese field in Korea, she was eager to learn computer science, so she began to study at Camosun College. After commencing the ICS program, she faced difficulty in the curriculum, but she never gave up learning. She possesses an interest in web development; however, she is passionate about learning database technologies and best-practices. She plans to further her education with an Oracle Database Certification post-graduation.

Team Origins development would like to thank Candace McKivett, Elaine Zamardi, Linda Lucas and Rachelle Dallaire at IPS and the Camosun faculty and chair, Saryta Schaerer for providing the chance to support Canada’s First Nations communities.
We look forward to the knowledge and experience this opportunity will provide us for our future in computing.