Team 10/10 has been given the opportunity to work on the Community Discussion Platform (CDP) project by Nicolas LeBlanc, Executive Director of MyLivingCity. The team consists of Phuong (Jennifer) Tang-Tran, Joshua Sivertson, and Changsin Park, and together they are called Team 10/10 because of their beauty, brains, and brawn. The CDP project has been created with the purpose of being an online application for collaborative community discussions regarding civic development and improvements.

The Project

The CDP project is an online web application for collaborative community discussions regarding civic development and improvements. The application provides users with projects in various stages of development, such as the ideation, sponsorship, and active collaboration stage. On the platform, citizens are able to post ideas and support others’ ideas in hopes of improving their community. Furthermore, the project will open the current community development process to those who have traditionally not been involved or who have encountered barriers to accessing on-site meetings.

Meet the Team

Team 10/10 is filled with incredibly talented people. Because of each individual’s passion and proven abilities, the team is able to share diverse perspectives and tackle more complex problems. The team has decided to distribute responsibilities in a way which maximizes each team member's strengths:

Jennifer - Project Manager & Technical Writer

Jennifer's Picture
Jennifer is known for being an ambitious and detail-oriented worker who approaches problem solving with tenacity. As a result of Jennifer’s strong leadership and communication skills, she has been assigned the Project Manager and Technical Writer role. She is responsible for ensuring the team is on the right track, creating user interface mock-ups, and transcribing significant discussions.

Joshua - Technical Lead

Joshua's Picture
Joshua is an aspiring Software Engineer with a keen interest in backend programming languages, particularly C++ and Java. He has been deemed the Technical Lead in this project due to his extensive programming knowledge. Joshua is the liaison between the client and the team.

Changsin - Software Developer

Changsin's Picture

Changsin is a junior web developer with various skills including problem solving and troubleshooting. Changsin’s determination to ensure the project’s quality is an asset for his role as Software Developer. He is contributing to the team with his front-end and back-end knowledge.