Awesominds Capstone Team


Awesominds is a learning app that allows instructors to present their course content to their students in an engaging manner. The instructors will be able to upload their course content and add possible multiple-choice answers. The students will be able to go onto Awesominds and play the games that will be available to them, answering questions about course material in the form of games.


The project has been start by 2 previous Camosun capstone teams, so for our scope of this project was to be updating the look of the site. We also had to add more and new functionality such as a new game mode and instructor menus to make their tasks more straight forward. The web-app uses PHP and a JavaScript game framework called Phaser which new to us. However, We are very confident that despite knowing very little about Phaser we are confident that the skill of our team that we will be able to deliver a successful project.

Team Members

James Choi
... He enjoys learning and extending IT skills for application development with various programming languages on different environments. With Oracle DBA experience, He has expertise in Database management over design, development, performance tuning, automation and support on related projects.

Walker Jones
... Walker discovered his love for technology at a young age. Whether was spending a lot of his time on a computer or tearing apart old digital camera, it was the closest thing to magic he’s seen. When he took a single programming course in high school, it became clear that this was what he wanted to do.

Adam Lowe
... Adam was born and raised in the city of Victoria. He discovered his love and appreciation for technology at a young age. Though his years of school he took an interest in mainly computers and started taking programming classes. It became apparent very quick that this is the route he wanted to take for his career.