Team Blue

Team Blue consists of Josh Dueck, Murphy Li, and Kelly Marcheluzzo. Our clients, Robert Kobenter and Grant Graham, who represent the BC Government Ministry of Citizens’ Services, conceived of this project because of their desire for a set of guidelines for application development within the BC Government.

The BC Government Playbook project's main goal was to produce a playbook that will help guide teams in ideating, developing, and sustaining IT solutions. Our sponsor took an active role in the development of this project by writing the content of the playbook. It was up to Team Blue to deliver a website that displays that content, a technical solution that validates the playbook content, and an OpenShift deployment infrastructure to hold the solution. Our sponsor also gave us the task of coming up with the idea for the solution itself. It was a very unique opportunity to be given freedom to create whatever application we wanted, with the only requirement being that it validates the content of the playbook in some meaningful way. We settled on the very practical idea of a web application with the goal of navigating the BC Government News API Service in a more stripped down and user-friendly way than the pre-existing BC Gov News site

Team Members

Josh Dueck

... Josh has experience from school in software development and UI design. He hoped to sharpened those skills during this project, to facilitate his dream of one day becoming the CEO of Amazon. Josh brought a healthy and balanced perspective, along with the ability to generate useful and creative ideas.

Murphy Li


Similar to Josh, Murphy also has good experience in software development from school. Over the course of the project, he wanted to branch from development to DevOps, by mastering the OpenShift platform that the application will lives in. Murphy brought his keen ability to learn new technologies to the project.

Kelly Marcheluzzo
... Kelly is career focused and hopes to land a job in the public sector. With a previous co-op in the Federal Government, he is quite happy to also gain exposure to government at the provincial level. Navigating the various levels of procedures and approvals found in the public sector is something he finds challenging yet rewarding.

Team Blue would like to thank their sponsors, along with Camosun’s ICS faculty and chair, Saryta Schaerer, for their support in this project. We've had quite an adventure while making this project a reality, and we are certain that we will look back on our work with pride.

Please view our Playbook website and Playbook Validating Solution