Team CheckFront

Checkfront is a tenured supporter of Camosun College’s Capstone program and has presented another unique challenge for this year. As a local online booking solutions provider with clients all over the world, Checkfront often needs to migrate client data to their system. This process is done manually, which is time consuming and costly. The aptly-named Team Checkfront, consisting of Samreeta (Sam), Roman, and Natasha, has partnered with Checkfront to provide a New Customer Data Importation (NCDI) system as a solution for this problem.

The NCDI system will validate, transform, and integrate customer booking data into Checkfront’s system automatically. The application will map client data to Checkfront’s corresponding items and adjust when they are not identical. It will also dynamically customize the program for each client account. This solution will increase the efficiency of the data importation process at Checkfront, and save valuable resources. The team members have contributed equally to the success of this project. All members have the role of a full-stack developer. However, each individual does have a unique role within the group. Sam acts as the project manager. She keeps the group on task and organized. Natasha acts as the liaison between the project sponsors and team. Roman brings his experience working in teams to facilitate team and faculty communication.

Samreeta Kandola

... Sam followed her passion for the outdoors and sciences to Victoria where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biopsychology from UVic. While working in sales and as a Canadian Certified Optometric Assistant, she developed an interest in project management. Exploring this path led Sam to discover the field of computer science. Since then, she has been pursuing her passion for programming. Combining her soft and technical skills, Sam looks forward to becoming an indispensable software developer and eventually a project manager.

Natasha Bains


Natasha has always valued a strong commitment to implementing quality code and adapting to any given situation. Her biggest strength is her ability to analyze problems from multiple perspectives. Her experience in customer service, and coming from a large family has established a deep understanding of communication. This has ignited an appreciation for aspects of software engineering that prioritize user experience. Natasha is excited to pursue her interests and explore new challenges.

Roman Sityayev
... Roman grew up playing sports and music, and discovered an interest in the relationships between people, creativity, and technology. He moved to Victoria to pursue his passion for music and technology, working in the telecommunications industry for many years in sales and management while being involved in various musical projects. Wanting to further his knowledge and skill set, Roman went back to school as a married father of three. He looks forward to using his skills to help others connect and create through technology.

Team Checkfront would like to thank their project sponsors Robert McMynn and Stefanie Warren for making this opportunity possible. They appreciate all of the encouragement and support Jason Michael and the other Checkfront staff have given their team. They would also like to recognize the continued education and guidance Saryta Schaerer and the ICS faculty have provided them. Team Checkfront looks forward to successfully implementing the NCDI system and learning valuable skills along the way.

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