Team D

Daitan Labs of Canada is a research company that creates innovative computer science solutions to modern day problems. In 2019, the Innovation Team at Daitan developed an audio denoising protocol using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). Team D has been tasked with building off the CNN project to build another denoising protocol using Generative Adversarial Networks and conduct an extensive study to determine which is the superior solution for this application. Once satisfactory results have been obtained, the Team will also publish their findings online for peer review in the hopes that it may one day provide guidance to another team attempting to solve a related problem.

Jacob Boness

... Jacob Boness is passionate about technology and the improvements it can bring to modern life. He has been a student in the sciences for almost a decade, and his breadth of knowledge covers a wide variety of subjects ranging from classical theatre to tier 3 network protocols. To the GANAD Project, he brings stringent organization, a strong work ethic, and years of leadership experience in a variety of industries. After graduation, he wants to pursue his creative side and hopes to become a game developer. Role: Developer

Jamie Thomassen


Jamie Thomassen has a keen interest in using the latest tools and technologies to develop clientfocused software solutions. Over the years, he has developed a desire to create meaningful solutions to modern-day problems. In his free time he enjoys exploring his creative side, working on personal projects both in and out of software development. Role: Developer

Colton Davenport
... Colton Davenport has been interested in Software Development for many years. He enjoys experimenting with and learning new solutions to software problems. In his own time he has developed personal projects that satisfy his curiosity. Role: Developer

Team D appreciates the invaluable support and tutelage that Daitan Labs has provided them regarding not only their own project, but the industry they represent. They would like to thank their sponsors and contacts at Daitan: João Paulo Tavares Músico and Cleosson José Pirani de Souza, the ICS Department Chair: Saryta Schaerer, and each of the Capstone Project instructors: Katie Tanigawa, Benjamin Leather, Doug Greening, and Jonas Bambi.