Four Trees

The Pacific Forestry Centre (PFC) is a Canadian Forest Service research centre operating under Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). The goal of the DRHMAI project is to develop an open-source framework or tool that converts scanned geo-referenced TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) files of hand-drawn, historical forest-cover maps into vectorized spatial data. This enables historic map data to be converted to modern, analysis-ready formats (e.g. geopackage) and stored in National Forest Information System (NFIS) databases at the PFC. Ultimately, this tool will benefit research and analysis endeavours within the public, private, and academic sectors, as well as contribute to the promotion of open and transparent access to government data (as per the Canadian government’s directive on Open Government).

Josh Brake

... Josh is hardworking and always tries to keep himself occupied with new challenges. Enrolling into the computer science program has taught him that he can really do anything he sets his mind to. This project has been an amazing experience and although daunting, it is manageable and enjoyable thanks to his work ethic. Building anything from a website to a video game, he looks forward to the next challenge with enthusiasm.

Krittika Chaurasia


Krittika is an aspiring data analyst, and is intrigued by the interactions between technology and human society. She joined the ICS program to formalize her technical education and build practical, relevant skills. Prior to her ICS studies, Krittika completed a degree in Sociocultural Anthropology at UBC and worked professionally in the education, non-profit, and government sectors. Krittika enjoys all aspects of the research and development process, and strives to design solutions that are elegant, thoughtful, and user-friendly.

Mitchell Pask
... Mitchell brings an intense curiosity for new technologies and a creative methodology for solving difficult puzzles. The project offered by NRCan was his top choice as it offered a research-based project that provided an avenue into the yet unknown territory of machine learning. Before entering the ICS program at Camosun College, Mitchell had very limited experience with technology but has since discovered a natural aptitude for the field of study, devouring any available resources and expanding his knowledge wherever possible. Mitchell eagerly awaits all future challenges.

Matthew Van Es
... For the past 7 years, Matthew’s primary focuses have been retail warehouse logistics, and exceptional customer service. It has been through these opportunities that he has developed a pragmatic, collaborative approach to problem solving, as well as a consistently respectful, and thoughtful communication style that has earned him the confidence, trust, and respect of his clients, peers, and employers alike. With a passion for information security and a penchant for administrative tasks, Matthew is eager to continue to grow and develop these skills.

Team FourTrees would like to thank their sponsors at the Pacific Forestry Centre, Brian Low and Jeannette Strand, as well as the Camosun College faculty, for their support, encouragement, and feedback throughout this project.