IndyKey Capstone Team


IndyKey is a hotel booking platform that connects unique resorts to potential customers. By booking through IndyKey customers accumulate points. These points can be used to book special deals on resort bookings. We, team QDN, are building a replacement web application to handle the booking of these deals. IndyKey is currently using a solution developed and managed by a third party. It is the goal of this capstone to replace this solution with a web application that feels the same as the original and is entirely under IndyKey’s control.


The scope for this project is fairly straightforward as the existing web application serves as reference for all potential features. The key development challenge is the following. The deals are provided by a specific API provisioned by IndyKey. The API uses legacy technology to provide the resort listings and booking functionality. It is our responsibility then to interface the new web application with this legacy technology while maintaining modern web development standards. We believe our collective skill sets are well suited to the completion of this project.

Team Members

Dawson Dease

... Dawson is the front-end developer. He has developed his front-end skills throughout his diploma and on various side projects such as his e-portfolio. He is very comfortable with React and other front-end technologies. He has also created the ICS capstone website's front end as well.

Nick Schuster


Nick is focused on mostly the back-end of the project. He also does some of the project management. He has a passion for programming and loves solving problems. He brings that same passion to project management.

Qin Liu
... Qin helps with all aspects of the project. He likes studying all things web development and has learned lots during his diploma. He is keen on practicing his skills in the real world. He is also passionate about home automation.


In conclusion, we are building a web application that handles the booking of resort deals for IndyKey. The key challenge is the legacy technology the web application has to interface with. We would like to thank IndyKey for the opportunity to develop this application for them. We believe they will be very satisfied with the finished product.