Team Three Trees Technical – Course & Workshop Scheduling WordPress Plugin

Three Trees Technical is an information technology consulting firm that provides innovative solutions to software development and user experience. The idea for the Three Trees Technical Course & Workshop Scheduling WordPress Plugin came from a demand for a system that allows management and scheduling of courses and workshops. The Three Trees Technical Calendar project is designed to deliver a WordPress prototype to meet the current scheduling demands.

Fraser Macallum

... Fraser Macallum has an enthusiasm for algorithms and data structure, and enjoys the problem-solving aspect of programming. He took the ICS program at Camosun College to become a software developer and has gained knowledge in Node JS web development, Linux system administration, Java programming and a variety of other technology skills.

Jacob Parent


Jacob Parent is a quick learner interested in all aspects of computer systems. He hopes to become a valuable team member at a technology-based company. During his time at Camosun, he has learned numerous programming languages and system architectures. Also, he has developed a newfound interest in database programming and administration

David Sawatsky
... David Sawatsky began an interest in computer science through years of military experience building link 16 data networks for the Navy. After a 15-year career with the navy, David looked to expand his knowledge and enrolled at Camosun College taking the ICS program. He developed an interest in building video games and hopes to use the knowledge gained from Camosun College to independently design and create games.

Team Three Trees Technical would like to thank Ben Leather and Matthew Politano from Three Trees Technical for sponsoring this project, as well as Camosun College’s ICS faculty and its chair Saryta Schaerer for their support.