The Gringotts Goblins


Peter Burrage, the project sponsor and PathNOTES founder, has been working over the years to develop an innovative online learning platform. Peter, with the help of previous capstone teams, has come a long way towards making this vision a reality, though to receive the necessary funding to complete development of this project, a comprehensive working prototype must be built. Our goal this summer is to join all existing components into a working prototype.


The current standards for technical learning can be time-consuming, hard to follow, and are almost always static, leaving no room for students and instructors to dynamically play with what they are seeing on screen or on paper. The PathNOTES project is designed to solve these common issues by providing a dynamic and central online tool that can be used for interactive lectures, assignments, and testing.

Team Members

Nguyen Xuan Ngoc Lam

... My name is Nguyen Xuan Ngoc Lam. I was born in the year 2000 in Ha Noi which is the capital of Vietnam. I arrived in Canada in 2017 and am currently studying Information and Computer Systems at Camosun College. I am friendly and open-minded. I really love studying IT, playing sports, socialising and speaking English. In the future, I want to work in web design, database management or game development. In 2017, I studied in Braemar High School, and I graduated with a straight-A GPA. In 2018, I moved to Victoria and started studying ICS at Camosun College. In this year, I studied and know many common programing languages such as Python, Java, CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, SQL etc. In 2018, I also worked as a cashier and waiter in Pho Vuong restaurant like a part-time job. I know how to serve food, drinks, communicate with the customer and calculate the bills for restaurant. Moving to 2019, I started second year in Camosun. In this year, I continue to learn Python, Java, CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, C++, SQL. Also, I change my part time job and I work like a waiter in Viet Nam house restaurant etc. In 2020, I will graduate from Camosun College. I am really keen on database management. All part of Pathnotes project will work to build a database. Therefore, i will have great experiences when I do the back-end for this project

Nicholas Raye


My name is Nicholas Raye. I was born and have lived most of my life in the United States in a city called Boise. Almost immediately after graduating high school in 2018, I moved to Victoria to study Information and Computer Systems at Camosun College. I enjoy playing sports such as tennis, table tennis, and basketball in my leisure time, and just in general, enjoy being outdoors. During my last year of high school, I began teaching myself some of the basics of programming. After programming with Python for a few months, I took an interest in programming. Then, after graduating from high school with a straight-A GPA in 2018, I moved to Victoria to attend the ICS program. Although starting the program with some amount of programming knowledge, I have found the program challenging but very enjoyable. When I graduate ICS, I plan on pursuing a career in back-end software development, or as a Database Administrator. To gain experience, I’m planning to take Camosun’s coop program during the winter 2020 term. My hope is that the job I get from the coop will want to hire me on as an employee. If not, then my hope is that the experience that I will gain from the coop will make finding a job easier.

Joe Hall
... Hello, I’m Joe. I was born and raised here in Victoria, BC. I started getting into computer science back in grade seven when I found an old book on HTML and CSS. I fell in love with the idea of programming (yes, back then I considered basic HTML and CSS to be programming). I then moved on to scour the web for new material and taught myself JavaScript and PHP. My programming hobby was put aside in high school, but when presented with the opportunity to study computer science at Camosun I jumped on it. I’ve been really enjoying the ICS program so far and am looking forward to applying my new-found skills to the real world. People often ask which career path I want to follow within IT, and I honestly don’t know yet. The more I learn about the plethora of different technologies out there, the more interested I am to learn about them all. Web design is what I’m most passionate about right now, probably harking back to my grade seven days of building simple ‘Hello World’ web pages. When I’m not studying or working, you’ll find me stuck into a good mystery novel, planning my next backpacking adventure, attempting to learn some piano piece that is way above my skill level, or perched in front of my computer trying to discover something new.


We are very excited to be working alongside Peter Burrage to help bring PathNOTES to life. We are very thankful to Peter for giving us the opportunity to be a part of PathNOTES and to the ICS instructors for organizing this summer project.