Sponsors For Capstone 2018

Camosun Innovates

Camosun Innovates is a focal point for applied research, manufacturing, social innovation and sport innovation that enriches the interdisciplinary education of Camosun students, and benefits our clients and community. By providing access to a sophisticated suite of intellectual, technology and manufacturing assets, we drive innovation, create effective business solutions and spearhead beneficial social advancements.

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Julia Morgan

Julia has been passionate and working with horses all her life. She is a certified Advanced FEEL® practitioner. FEEL® stands for Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning®, and horses are a very active participant in the process. Using a horse-led series of exercises, equine experiential learning works with the horse’s natural sensitivity to physical movement and emotional states to help people gain self-knowledge and acquire skills leading to personal growth through positive life changes.

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Dirk Britton

Restaurant and Pub Operators need systems to track and manage Sales, Staff, and Product. Commercial tools are expensive, complicated, and time consuming. As a result, most Food and Beverage operations create home made solutions combining Excel spreadsheets and the POS. DarkBlack is a simple, comprehensive ecosystem of on-line tools allowing Food and Beverage Operators to manage their business in less time with better results.

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Pacific Forestry

The Pacific Forestry Centre (PFC) is one of five research centres within the Canadian Forest Service. Its research priorities include:
forest entomology and pathology, fire management, forest inventory and monitoring, climate change, economic and market research, and canadian wood fibre centre.

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Peter Burrage

Peter is a civil engineering instructor employed with Camosun College. His area of interest are structural engineering and computer applications.


We lead the apartment industry by making software that effortlessly, accurately, and creatively builds the best performing classified ads, using the content that already exists on your property websites. Every ad is optimized to emphasize the best attributes of your properties while always adhering to templates defined by your marketing team.

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Geof Lee

Geof is a distinguished memebr of the security industry. Primarily focusing on investigation, and security consulting.


We still wake up as eager as we did on day one to have the best online booking system available. We want to take the work out of managing the complexities and administration of service-based bookings, and allow owners to focus on their customers and what they love.
We scrutinize every aspect of our service. Our software must be easy to use, beautifully designed, secure, perform flawlessly, and be priced fairly (commission free).