Bridging Mixed Reality Camosun Innovates

Project Description

Camosun Innovates Augmented Reality Product Design Review System (ARPDRS) is to improve the current prototyping process. Enabling Camosun Innovates to prototype in the digital domain. The project will design and develop a Hololens application for this purpose.

Andrew Rozendal

Andrew enjoys problem solving and analysis. After a brief stint in the military and completing a BA in Greek and Roman Studies at UVic, he felt drawn to the computer programming realm. He enjoys sailing, reading history books, and playing complex board games in his spare time. After graduating, Andrew hopes to become a full-stack developer by day while learning more about real-time systems by night. He one day hopes to write his own operating system.

Josh Berryman

Josh is passionate about virtual / augmented reality. After 10 years of enrollment in the national youth leadership program known as 4-H, he realized it was time to pursue his dreams. In the near future he aspires to become a software engineer and ambitiously dive into cutting edge technologies as they progress. Ultimately, he dreams big and will take on any challenges placed before him. He has past experience with CNC machining and a wide range of skills in the field of computer programming.

Nathan Mackenzie

Nathan is passionate about technology. Post-graduation he would like to enter the expanding world of artificial intelligence or some form of low-level programming. He enjoys new challenges that appear impossible and consequently desires a career that deals with raw code / actual functionality instead of GUI design / aesthetics. He’s primary objective is to generate amazing applications and challenge the mind. He would like to be a part of ground breaking software solution that could leave its mark on humanity.

BMR Capstone 2018 is grateful for the support of its sponsors at Camosun Innovates, the education and mentorship provided by the ICS faculty at Camosun College, and the hardware provided by Babcock Canada . Specifically, BMR Capstone would like to thank Rich Burman and Matt Zeleny from Camosun Innovates for sponsoring this project. We look forward to the successful completion of the Augmented Reality Product Design Review System.