CODE ORCHESTRA Smart Controller Inc

Project Description

Code Orchestra has the pleasure of working with Smart Controller Inc to develop a temperature control system to be utilized by breweries around Victoria. The idea began as a passion project for the sponsor Mike Cowland and he has begun the process of making it a marketable product.

Josh Rintoul

Josh’s interest in technology began very early on. There has always been a computer in his house since he was young and he was taught basic HTML before Grade 2. He has always had a passion for being creative and technical and merges the two together when given the option. After graduating, he plans to work on web projects or mobile applications.

Tyler Cormier

Tyler sees Software Engineering as an essential tool for making unique ideas become reality. He enjoys mixing thoughts, pushing concepts, and finding the best way to create them through sophisticated software. Improving his skills within mobile application development and web design fuels his motivation. He is excited to explore the vast, tech-driven world and design innovative technology.

Kris Ames

Kris chose to study Computer Science in order to appease his desire to build and create. Whether managing schedules or computing solutions to iterative problems, he sees software as a benefit to the user’s quality of life. His area of interest include mobile and web application development. After finishing from the program, Kris hopes to gain industry experience and expand his knowledge of computer systems even further.

We are honored and excited to be working with Mike Cowland on the SmartController project. We look forward to the knowledge and experience this opportunity will provide us for our future in computing.