Socotra CheckFront

Project Description

Team Socotra has been granted the opportunity to work with one of the fastest growing tech companies in Victoria, Checkfront. Checkfront provides third-party online booking and reservation service for tourism companies’ websites. Recently, Checkfront has released a new service called SiteBuilder. SiteBuilder is a CMS site-building tool that allows customers to choose from six themes designed specifically for tourism and booking websites. We will create a Site Builder Lite theme to update the current customer-facing booking portal so that it provides a modern look and greater functionality for those customers that choose not to use their CMS tool.

Chengqing Xu

Chengqing Xu has a strong passion for algorithms and product design. When he is not in class, he likes to spend his time at the gym or watching documentaries on various subjects. Chengqing vast life experience gained through his travels to different countries has given him a rich mindset and unique perspective. Upon graduation from the ICS program at Camosun College, he would love to work as a web-application developer or UI designer. Role: Developer Email:

Matthew Milholm

Matthew spent 15 years studying and working in the sciences. During that time, he graduated from UVic with a Bachelors of Science and worked in an environmental lab. Looking for a new challenge, he decided to explore web design, a past interest. For the last two years, he studied ICS at Camosun where his analytical approach and problem solving skills have helped him tackle coding problems and succeed in the program. Outside of computer programming he enjoys playing soccer, going for bike rides, and swimming. Role: Developer Email:

Manny Pasquale

Manny spent the majority of his life pursewing sport and athletics. After achieving his dream of becoming a professional athlete, he realized that his true passion lay elsewhere. He decided then to enroll Camosun’s ICS program thanks to the recommendations of those who’ve graduated prior. His experience in athletics has given him the ability to adapt and perform under pressure as well as the ability to seamlessly integrate with a team. Role: Developer Email:

Eric Kimball

Eric has always had a passion for science and technology. After working in a high-pressure sales position that become only more evidendant as his career progressed. Realizing his need for a more scintillating career he decided to enroll in Camosun’s ICS program to pursue that which he was truly passionate about: Web-development and programming. Through his experience in sales, Eric has the ability to connect with people which allows him develop strong bonds with those around him. When not sitting behind a keyboard, Eric has a strong passion for snowboarding which has persisted to this day. Role: Developer Email:

Team Socotra would like to thank its sponsors at Checkfront, Brandon Ellis, Jason Michael, Leigh Baleja, and our faculty supervisor, Tim Ayers, who made this project possible through their countless efforts and support throughout.