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Computer Systems Technology students at Camosun College all participate in the Capstone Project before they graduate. The Capstone Project is offered every June and December each year.

Working in teams, students will complete the design, implementation and documentation of a computer project.

Welcome to Capstone 2005

This site will give you some background information about Camosun College and the Computer Systems Technology Capstone Project.

The Capstone Project is the pinnacle course in the Computer Systems Technology Program at Camosun College. The course is unique in that students develop solutions for business problems, in cooperation with local businesses, industry and government. Software products produced during the Capstone Project are intended for profit or internal-use by sponsoring companies / organizations


Register for the Capstone Symposium

It is important for you to register for the Capstone Symposium so that we can plan for this exciting event. The symposium will be fully catered and will have enough seating for everyone that registered. Registering also allows us to create a name tag that you may pick up at the reception area on the day of the event.

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Register Online for the Capstone Symposium and you will be entered in a draw. You are only eligible to win this prize if you pre register.

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