At Capstone 2006 you'll see some interesting projects done by Camosun students. The projects that will be presented range from web sites to GPS tracking software. Take a look at some of the teams of students that will be presenting their accomplishments to you on June 16th.

Black Briefcase

  • Laurie Michaelis - Project Manager
  • Andrew Garber - Programmer / Analyst
  • Bryan Kyle - Lead Developer / Architect

For the past nine years, Electronic Data Systems (EDS) has hosted a charity golf tournament and auction to raise money in support of critical care within the Pediatrics Unit at Victoria General Hospital. Working with the Greater Victoria Hospitals Foundation, their team of volunteers have brought together their vendor partners and members of the IT and business community in Victoria for a fun day of golf, dinner, silent and live auctions, and entertainment.

Through corporate sponsorship, auction donations, and special events during the tournament, EDS and the Greater Victoria Hospital Foundation have raised close to $300,000. These funds resulted in the purchase of incubators and infusion pumps to enhance the level of care within the hospital's pediatric unit.

Until now, EDS has managed the event with an Access database system. Rather than simply improving the existing system, Black Briefcase will create a completely new standalone event management application using Microsoft .NET technologies. The new application will be a complete rewrite from the user interface to the database. Streamlining the participant entry system and online auction bidding process as well as the elimination of redundancy in the management of the event are key objectives of this project.

Scope of the system includes the auction participant and item database, silent auction management system, and the golf participant database (integrated into the auction participant database). Embedded reports and a user help system will also be included in the system.

Completion of this project will require the application of the team's project management, system architecture and development skills. Black Briefcase is excited to be involved in such a well-rounded project for a worthwhile charitable cause.


  • George Khouri - Project Manager
  • Mike Roberts - Technical Development
  • Joel Andrews - Technical Development

Experience in .NET, Oracle, Java, and Web Development will be applied towards building an enterprise level database with a web interface using .NET. A working model will be provided for the sponsor while Microsoft SQL server, database management, and C# programming skills will be reinforced.

Eh Team

  • Diane Hodges-Whittaker
  • David Jensen
  • Geoff Backman

The Eh Team will be testing the technical feasibility of utilizing GPS location information from AssetLink 410 devices that Engenex has installed in each BC Transit bus as part of a separate internal BC Transit system to provide meaningful, near real-time information to bus riders. Although the creation of a commercially viable product is obviously desirable, this project will be complete upon successful proof of the project concept, or upon receipt of a detailed technical report indicating the problems that were encountered that prevented a successful proof of concept, with proposed solutions to those problems.


  • Kristin Lefler - Project Manager
  • Paulson Josh - Programmer
  • Nathan Snobelen - Lead Programmer

N2X Group has partnered up with JMG Group Consulting to create a unique web site that will specialize in providing the missing link between amateur sports organizations and the parents of children in those sports. will be a site in which a variety of local sports teams can use, free of charge, to post information about their teams such as, game/practice schedules and maps to their locations, fundraising events, and messages from the coaches (ex: field closures, game cancellations). Coaches will have the ability to modify their team's web pages and parents will be able to view this information and stay up-to-date with their child's teams.

N2X Group is excited to be a part of this project, as there are currently no websites like in Victoria. It is our hope that our client will be successful in using this site not only locally, but across Canada.

111 Solutions

  • Jennifer Stewart - Business Analyst
  • Ryan Thexton - Project Manager
  • Dylan Hemsworth - Developer

111 Solutions will be developing a Case Information Management System for the British Columbia Common Information Technology Services (CITS) department. The application is intended to showcase how the newest Office products from Microsoft can allow public service organizations to share information responsibly and securely with the goal of making public service organizations more responsive to the needs of citizens.

APS Map Data Digitizing Project

  • Tim Koop - Team Lead
  • Sean Berard - Documentation Lead / Administrative Assistant
  • Melissa Reams - Developer

Our client is the Base Mapping and Geomatic Services Branch of the Integrated Land Management Bureau, represented by our project manager Alan Spring, head of the Airborne Remote Sensing Unit, and our project sponsor Ron Johnson, manager of Air Photo & Lab Services

Air Photo Services is implementing an e-commerce solution to provide for sale copies of air photos accumulated during current and historic flight operations. This system must provide to the users the ability to quickly search through all available photo location and date information. Currently there is only digital location data available for photos taken after 1963. Information on the location of photos taken in the thirty years prior to that is has never translated into digital form and therefore cannot be researched on the website.

The purpose of the system is to facilitate the sale of those archival photos by providing a means to digitize photo centre locations from hard copy maps.


  • Jason Donald - Developer
  • DongJun Lee - Developer

Camosun College enrolled its first students in 1971 offering university transfer, vocational and upgrading courses. Now Camosun serves more than 8,200 students in credit and vocational programs and another 9,500 students in part-time continuing education courses.

Our team's project is the CST Flea Market, and the client of our team is Don Hilman, former Chair of the Computer Science Department of Camosun College.

Our goal is to create an online swap meet that can service the college. Student's will be able to buy and sell goods with other students that are usually inexpensive and range in quality. The students will be able to register free of charge.

The site will observe website usability practices, to ensure an intuitive, navigational and consistent design across the site for people with certain disabilities.

In the Computer Systems Technology Program, we have learned numerous transferable skills. This will make it possible for us to make the adjustments to learning the appropriate skills to complete our project. A few of the things we learned in the program were scripting languages, databases and HTTP servers. These skills gave us the confidence we needed for what's required for this project. The team will need project management and development skills.

Our team is very excited to be doing this project. Finishing this project will give us a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.