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August 2020 Event - Online

Each year the Information and Computer systems graduating class works with companies in the industry to recieve crucial work experience. The final task before graduating is to host a capstone symposium to showcase the work they have completed in the last three months. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, the ICS capstone Symposium will not be in person this year but entirely online through this website. Each capstone team has their individual pages where the teams will have a final presentation to show off all the hard work they have put into their projects.

Archive Page


Not all sites work effectively but you can nagivate many of the files if you are interested.

June2018/ Team Bios  
June2017/ Team Bios  
June2016/ unavailable  
June2015/ team info only  
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June2012/ Team Info  
June2011/ unavailable  
June2010/ has issues December2010/ not available
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June2008/ December2008/ Team Info
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June2006/ December2006/ Team Info
June2005/Project Info December2005/ Team Info
June2004/ Not Available December2004/ Not Available
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June2002/ December2002/ Team Info
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