Capstone 2002 Projects

ACD Systems
Team ACD: Tim Drisdelle, Warren Weicker
The ACD Capstone Team 2002, which includes Tim Drisdelle and Warren Weicker, are developing a workflow process automation system that will improve the effeciency of the eBiz department at ACD Systems.

Anthony Macauley Associates
Electronic Quality Assurance Time Entry System (EQUATES)

AMAze Team : Tom Kasmer, Peggy Pickering
The Electronic Quality Assurance Time Entry System (EQUATES) is sponsored by Anthony Macauley Associates (AMA) with Bob MacDonald as the company partner/visionary behind the project. Our goal is to develop a replacement that combines the current Work Planning and Quality Assurance systems into a system that provides accurate time and task management for the company. The tools we will be using include ERWin (database design and creation), Oracle 8i (database) and GOL-Toolse (proprietary web-screen design tool).

Camosun College Co-op Department
Student Employability Success Project

Team Omega: Scott Van Achte, Gulnar Jamal, Kris Waugh
CIMS, a Co-operative Education Information Management System originally designed to assist Co-op staff, has been expanding to assist students from Camosun College to access, store and query information relating to the job search process.

The CIMS Student Employability Success Project is an initiative created by Brad Erikson of the Co-op department at Camosun College. Its mandate is to further assist students in job development and provide greater functionality for Co-op staff and potential employers.

Team Omega has been providing design insight, and will be implementing a three-part project that is a series of add-ons to the existing CIMS system. These include creating and implementing a Student Contact Manager, Technical On-line Forums and news banners.

Civic Info Bc

Team AOK Consulting: Kevin Clark, Aiden Gordon, Olaf Mullenders
CivicInfoBC is a non-profit information service on the web. It experiences over 110,000 page views per month from users looking for information regarding local governance throughout British Columbia. It has recently been proposed that a portal system be designed for the existing web site. This portal will allow the users of the site to log in and have a fully customized interface from which to work.

DR Systems
The Timber Cruising Data-Collection

Team Cerebus: Grant Bryce, Dave Jaycock, Patti Tozer
The Timber Cruising Data-Collection Application for the Windows CE platform will allow foresters in the field to use a Pocket PC to enter and edit their data as their measurements are taken. The main purpose of the project is to design a user interface that will allow for easy entry and editing of the data collected in the field. The challenge will be in developing what the client deems an easy to learn and use interface that allows easy navigation for a large data set - on the small screen of the Pocket PC.

E-fficient Solutions Inc.
Webcentric Claims Solution

Webcentric Team: Christopher Dawes, Michael Drewlo, Lee Davis

Webcentric Claims Solution will be the first web application to bring all claims procedures into one integrated system. It is intended to be available as the first complete solution that will bring better and more complete standards to the Insurance Claim business.

Team TriCor: Jude Daniels, Russell Paton, Tikka Dalip (Deep) Singh Kang
The eHEALTH.Net project is a showcase of contemporary web services technology implemented with IBM WebSphere Studio (Java Programming Language) and Microsoft .NET Enterprise Architect (C# Programming Language). The primary goal of the project is to prove that interoperability is possible between components developed with these different languages.

LGL Environmental Research Associates
Bristol Bay

Team Bristol Bay: Jacquie Bowen, Courtney Fleek, Brent Nicholls
The Bristol Bay Capstone team will develop a system for LGL Environmental Research Associates that will introduce hand-held computers and custom database management to a data collection program in Bristol Bay, Alaska. The team will design an interface for hand-held computers that will utilize wireless digital calipers and a digital scale for direct data input. A MS Access database will be developed to receive data downloads from the hand-held computers, generate data summaries, and allow easy access to data via a query engine. This system will increase efficiency and accuracy in data collection and management, and also result in cost savings to the program.

MYRA Systems Corporation
Team Sun Service: Ben Walters, Mei Hung, Eriko Chisholm
Sun Service System is an integrated system that will incorporate the sales and support processes into a single application for MYRA Systems Corporation. System features have been divided into a series of product releases. The Capstone Project Team will be creating the Equipment Maintenance System and Customer Quote System.

Approvals Query Application

Team Orion: Mattie Mechin, Bonnie Frazer, Gary Swanson
Siemens’ danger management division is a producer of various personal and commercial, fire and safety products, such as fire alarms and sensors. These products are sold on a worldwide level, and therefore are subject to various countries’ testing and approvals. All of this information and more is held securely in a database in headquarters.

There is a web portal in place that permits any Siemens’ employee to perform various functions such as searching for a country’s approval for a specific product, generating a report of products allowed in a specific country, or accessing test reports about a specific product. This web portal also permits employees with administrative privileges to administer the site and its users, and edit the database.

Our team has been hired to create a significantly improved user interface, adding no new functionality, only providing a more efficient and user-friendly environment. Time permitting, we will also implement an enhanced help feature, and switch the database from Microsoft Access to MySQL.

Sierra Systems Group Inc

Genesis Team: Thor Guenther, Sandra Patricia Hunter, Jenny Leitch
Working with Sierra Systems, one of North America's leading management consulting and systems integration firms, the team has created a test script management system, called eScript, as an implementation service to customers.

The second phase in an extensive bug tracking and testing system, eScript supports the management of the testing process by creating standardized test script templates and test scripts to define testers' activities. eScript will provide a new level of comfort and support for clients of Sierra Systems.