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REM Solutions


Camosun College is one of the most comprehensive colleges in British Columbia. The college has more than 750 employees and it provides a safe, healthy and progressive work environment. Part of the college’s mission statement is to develop and support a comprehensive employee wellness initiative.
Our client is the Recreation & Fitness department of Camosun College. The project sponsor is Meghan Lambeth, Recreation & Fitness Assistant.


The Recreation & Fitness department wanted to provide an online health, fitness and wellness service to the Camosun College employees. There are two departments involved with the project, Recreation & Athletics and Human Resources. The Human Resources department has an existing wellness intranet site. It has limited content and is not currently meeting the objectives of the college.
The Recreation Fitness Wellness system, or RFW, will provide a wide range of features and information to support and promote employee wellness. The system will provide information on health, fitness and wellness articles, exercise instructions, events, forums, questionnaires and more. The system is a platform independent, web-based application developed in PHP and the database is designed in MySQL. 


The team members, Ryan Vissers, Everett Davis and Mike Shaw, have a strong combination of experience developing web applications. With nine months of co-op work involving technologies such as Oracle, Java, JSP, Struts, SQL the team has the background to develop a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) open source web application. All three team members have experience with software development, project management and systems analysis. Their knowledge acquired during the two years at Camosun College’s Computer Systems Technology program has provided them with skills and experience needed to complete this project successfully.

Portage Solutions

Our Sponsor

ExcelSystems Software Development Inc. (ESDI) is a sizeable company of over thirty employees that has been in business for over fifteen years, and is currently based in Sidney, BC. ESDI has developed several products, one of which is WebSmart ILE, an IBM System i multi-platform rapid web development tool that generates RPG/CGI programs. Their newly released product, WebSmart PHP, uses an open-source programming language called PHP instead of ESDI’s in-house language used in previous versions.

Our Project

Demo sites are a key component of ESDI's sales process, and a very important feature of their product. The sales team is unable to appropriately discuss features of WebSmart PHP using the existing WebSmart ILE demo site as an example, and expends valuable time creating on-the-fly demonstrations. Portage Solutions created a new demo site using WebSmart PHP for a fictitious company called Harmonics Wholesale. Also, the development of the demo site is an excellent marketing opportunity for ESDI, because System i publications might also be interested in reporting on Portage Solutions’ project.

Our Team

Portage Solutions was founded on the twin principles of strength and mobility, which are the team’s core values. Strength represents the team members’ diverse expertise with numerous languages, applications, and concepts. Mobility represents the team’s ability to quickly adapt to new technologies and situations.
Sacha has an excellent eye for user interface and graphic design, exceptional technical writing ability, and proficiency with IBM Series I databases. Greg has experience with group leadership, is familiar with many languages such as Java and PHP, and could probably set up an Apache server on a Linux server with his eyes closed. Jeremy has excellent written and verbal communication abilities, is well-versed in the Microsoft .Net framework and ASP, and has a thorough understanding of CSS and related web design principles.

Writers Web Pages

Our Sponsor

Writers Web Pages is a not-for-profit organization that provides a public face online for new and upcoming writers from across North America.

Our Project

Dan and Liam's project is to update and redesign the current Writers Web Pages website to be both professional and usable for the website's writers and visitors. The new version will be created using a modular approach, allowing all code to be easily maintained and extended. They will implement the website using a mix of PHP, JavaScript, XHTML, and CSS. Writers will also be able to pay their registration and maintenance fees over the trusted Pay-Pal financial payment system.

Our Team

Liam Anderson and Dan Raymond have a combined experience of over 5 years of website design and development. They have build systems from small personal websites, to large multi-lingual database driven web applications. They are able to use their creativity to problem solve effectively and find a solution that meet their clients needs.

Mammoth Binder Consulting

The Client:

The Parcel Fabric Section (PFS) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, Integrated Land Management Bureau, is responsible for building and maintaining the cadastral fabric map of British Columbia. This is a unified map of the entire province; it is divided into land parcels with associated data such as land parcel value and ownership. The Parcel Fabric Section (PFS) has a variety of clients, such as ministries, regional districts, municipalities, and utilities, who make requests for cadastral data (essentially, part of the map) and statistics regarding the data (for example, how many land parcels there are in a given area of the province, and how that parcel count has changed over time).

The Project:

The PFS Information Portal Data Warehousing web application pro will extend an existing data warehouse and web application, in order to automate the provision statistical data captured and stored by a data warehousing engine (e.g. change-over-time data). Clients will retrieve required data using the web application’s web page, which will allow them to select from a variety of options that will tailor the statistics to fit their needs. As a result, future client interactions will become more meaningful and productive. Moreover, the quality of data provided can be improved with enhanced feedback from these interactions.

The Team:

The Capstone Project team is comprised of Scott Branton, Trevar Pearce and Simon Stacey. We bring together a strong and diverse set of skills and experience to form Mammoth Binder Consulting (patent pending).

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