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Project: EcoSurveyCE
Team Members: Aaron Hudon, Andrew Black, Jeffrey Horncastle
Description: This project involves creating a forestry engineering survey application for the Handheld PC Pro. The program will help engineers to survey roads, property boundaries and map deflection lines. Laser surveying devices will be supported by the application.

A PC component transfers the survey data and converts to RoadEng®, LoggerPC®, or TraversePC® format.

The development environment is Windows CE, MS Embedded VC++, MS VC++, and the Microsoft Foundation Classes.

EcoSurveyCE implements unique data storage, serial communications, real-time graphics, engineering algorithms and ensures the user interface meets the unique requirements of field personnel.

Sponsered by: DR Systems Inc.
Project: PDI
Team Members: Terence Yuen, Kai Kubicek, and Tom Berg
Description: We are creating a new system for ACD Systems. The new system will be used for ACD System's beta tester program and will replace their existing email only system. The new system will be used to provide information about the current beta and store the beta testers system information. The new system will be a web based application created using JSP, JAVA, JAVA Beans and a MySQL database will be used to store all the information.
Project: Vivid Solutions
Team Members:Andrea Morgan,Rhonda Renning,Jason Lanthier
Description: This project involves re-implementing Vivid Solutions' current Business Management System, employing a multi-tiered design strategy based on modern Oracle and Java technologies. The new system, CMI (Contract Management Invoicing) will be built adhering to current best practices for software development, coding style, and testing. It will be securely accessible via the internet and it will have all the functionality of the current system. The .jar team is responsible for all stages of development. The deliverables to Vivid Solutions will include a System Requirements Specification, an Architectural Framework Document, well documented and tested code and the finished CMI system.
Project: Victoria Racquet Club Minor Hockey Association Website
Team Members: Quan Mac, Mike MacBurney, Adam Withers
Description: This project involves creating a complete web information system and to build and supply tools to allow updating of the site by non-technical personnel. The site will use latest programming options for delivery on a Linux platform using Apache. Content will include multimedia, and a background JDBC connection to a database. E-commerce connectivity for VISA processing will also be handled. The development environment is Linux 7.2, MySql, JSP, and Java Servlets Sponsored by: Victoria Racquet Club Minor Hockey Association
Project: PFC
Team Members: Kimberly Moulton, Sabrina Flitton and Andrew Barclay
Description: The Network Evaluation of Web Services, NEWS project is a Java-based monitoring tool designed to check and report on the status of web services. This is a generic tool that can be used to monitor any Web Service Definition Language, WSDL - compliant service available on the web. Our client, Integrated Resources Management Systems Group, a division of the Pacific Forestry Centre, will be using the monitoring tool to monitor services currently under development for the National Forestry Information System of Canada.

The NEWS monitoring tool has two components, a client-side with a GUI and a server-side, which manages the scheduling and running of the tests. The client-side GUI will display the status of each web service with a coloured icon (red - no service available to green - all system pass) and text messages describing the status of the service. The server will take a request from the client and perform the appropriate tests. The tests will range from a simple HTTP request/response to a specific web service test.

Project: Norske
Team Members: Steve Voysey, Geoff Johnson, Byron Lundstrom
Description: The objective of this project is to develop an ActiveX object; to be linked to VB (Visual Basic) applications running on a Windows NT 4.0 PC, capable of communicating over an RS-232 serial line with systems using the MODBUS messaging protocol.

All functionality associated with the Modbus ASCII messaging standard will be implemented for more information on the functionality of the Modbus standards please see

This software will allow the Control Systems Engineers to develop PC based GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications that are capable of communicating directly with the systems that are currently controlling the operations at NorskeCanada.

At present when a new control or monitoring application is requested it is costly as well as time consuming to implement. The software proposed in this project would dramatically reduce both the time and the cost of developing these applications. With the availability of the ModComm control proposed in this project the Control Systems Engineers at NorskeCanada would be able to develop VB applications to meet specific requests that are capable of interacting directly with the current control system.
Project: eGov.NET
Team Members: Jon Adamowicz James Box Kelly Wallace
Description: We will be creating a Web Services Architecture for eGovernment for the the Ministry of Management Services Common Information Technology Services (CITS) branch. The project will demonstrate the latest in Web Service technology by being implemented using business-to-business and government-to-business applications. The project will showcase Microsoft's .NET framework and demonostrate interoperability by using Open Internet Standards for the provision and consumption of data.
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