• Majestiq


    Project Sponsor: Telmediq

    Majestiq has had the pleasure of working with Telmediq to develop a secure Android file storage application. Telmediq offers a selection of mobile and enterprise applications to serve healthcare professionals in the United States. There is currently no widely accepted solution for securely storing files containing protected health information, and Telmediq plans to fill this gap in their product catalogue with the Cloud Document Storage project.

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  • Team BUDS

    Team BUDS

    Project Sponsor: Michael Horie, Computer Science Department

    Next year, the ratio of students to instructors will be increasing to the point where it will be complicated to provide requested support to students in an organised and efficient fashion. The Student Queue Project will solve this by providing instructors with a method to classify and queue assistance requests.

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  • Team Discovery

    Team Discovery

    Project Sponsor: Matthew Riddett

    Matthew Riddett, in collaboration with Team Discovery, will create a prototype of a literacy learning mobile application targeted at children with autism. Because the autism spectrum is broad in its effects, children with autism -related literacy challenges are often under-served. Team Discovery is excited to be working with Matthew and his family on a software tool that will help those in need.

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  • Team IndyKey

    Team IndyKey

    Project Sponsor: IndyKey

    Team IndyKey is working on a predictive dashboard for IndyKey to add to their existing website. The company currently offers a hotel rewards program for independent hotels, which allows their members to receive discounts on hotels they partner with. The goal of the IndyKey Digital Predictive Dashboard (IKDPD) is to provide a platform for their clients to increase their own revenues by using historical hotel data to predict future occupancy.

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  • Team Checktron

    Team Checktron

    Project Sponsor: Checkfront

    Checkfront provides third-party booking and reservation services for companies that rent out hotel rooms, activities, tours, and more. The goal of the Checktron project is to provide a desktop application to be used by staff members such as hotel owners that can give them the ability to view the items available to them to interact with.

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  • Team SLJR

    Team SLJR

    Project Sponsor: Pacific Mazda, Caorda Web Solutions

    The Car Compound project is all about making car dealers’ lives easier. Team SLJR created an iOS application that allows car dealers to create and manage bird’s-eye-view representations of their vehicle storage lots. Michael Stevulak (Car Dealer, Pacific Mazda) and Paul Johnston (President, Caorda Web Solutions) are the project sponsors.

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  • BamDev


    Project Sponsor: Cloud Compass Computing, Inc.

    Stackbutton is designed with DevOps as the target users. It delivers an easy-to-deploy, central monitoring system for cloud-based services. The vision for Stackbutton is making monitoring team resources as easy as 1... 2... 3...
    1. Install the Stackbutton container into OpenShift
    2. Register your user, login, then add API keys. Stackbutton will start collecting data
    3. Log in and see organized data visualization cards on the Status-Board. Sort them, tag them, and see your resources at a glance.

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  • Game-Based Learning

    Game-Based Learning

    Project Sponsor: CETL (Camosun Innovation Fund and Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning)

    Camosun College instructor Marty Donatelli developed the idea of the Game-Based Learning Project. The team is working with Marty to develop an engaging game that uses course content and has an interface that is easy for students and instructors to use. The eventual goal is to integrate the game with Camosun College’s learning management system, D2L.

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  • Team Multi-discipline

    Team Multi-discipline

    Project Sponsor: Songhees Nation

    The Lekwungen Community Portal is built by Ben Tolson, Kevin Turner, Connor Quinn, and Myriam Saavedra. It will serve the Songhees community as a means of communication and as a storage place for culturally significant content such as songs, stories and family trees. It will also include a job board to assist members of the Songhees Nation in preparing for and finding employment.

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  • Team TORS

    Team TORS

    Project Sponsor: VIH Aerospace

    VIH Aerospace has asked Team TORS to create a time off request system that helps their employees submit holiday requests online. Each request will need to be approved by a supervisor and a manager, while invoking a pre-existing notification system. This system will be fully integrated with VIH Aerospace’s internal web portal.

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  • Team CR App

    Team CR App

    Project Sponsor: Cunningham & Rivard Appraisals

    Cunningham & Rivard Appraisals, a BC based real estate appraisal company, has sponsored the Database and Interface Project to create a system which replaces their current method for storing and retrieving information about real estate sales and individual pieces of property. The project is expected to provide the prototype of an application which will improve the efficiency of the appraisers working for Cunningham & Rivard.

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  • Team MyClassOnline

    Team MyClassOnline

    Project Sponsor: BlueInc

    MyClassOnline is intended for parents of grade school students who wish to exchange contact information. The team is dedicated to making the site easy to use while also maintaining a responsive design to allow parents to access the website even on their mobile phone browsers. Similarly, we view security and user privacy as essential, and we plan to see this through in our design.

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  • Team PixelCents

    Team PixelCents

    Project Sponsor: Pixel Cents

    The goal of this project is to build a web application to help photographers keep track of their revenue goals and track their status accurately and more efficiently. The web application adopts responsive web design to make the web pages look modern and fit any screen size.

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