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  • Team AlterTech


    Project Sponsor: Peter Burrage, Camosun College Civil Engineering Department

    Team AlterTech is excited to design PathNotes, a web-based application to convert Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) data into a Portable Document Format (PDF) file. The application will help instructors lecture and show examples to students, and students can then modify these examples and print updated formulas as a hard copy.​

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  • Team AntimonyTech

    Project Sponsor: HES PV

    Antimony Technologies is honored to be able to work with HES PV to create a web app add-on to help build parts lists for rooftop solar panel installations. Once finished, the user will be able to put in the measurements of their rooftop and receive a diagram of how many panels will fit on the roof. The diagram will also allow certain panels to be deselected for obstructions or aesthetics. The main goal is for HES PV to be able to make more accurate parts list for their customers.

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  • Team BAM


    Project Sponsor: Capital City Yacht Club

    Team BAM! is excited to collaborate with Capital City Yacht Club (CCYC), a not-for-profit assembly of nautical enthusiasts to develop a modern solution to its business management. The replacement of CCYC's existing Microsoft Access application with an extensible database solution and integrated web interface will function as a demonstration of our learning in Camosun College's Information and Computer Systems program.

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  • Team Back2Front

    Project Sponsor: Sierra Systems

    My Living City is looking to give citizens an active voice in their community. Back2Front is creating an online discussion platform where citizens, municipalities and developers will be able to post and share ideas that will enhance their neighbourhood. Citizens will also be able to vote on and comment on ideas.

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  • Team Bold


    Project Sponsor: Daitan

    Brazilian software company Daitan is expanding and seeking to streamline its hiring process. To solve this task, Team Bold is creating a Hiring App, which is their proposed solution to coordinating interviews with the Brazilian staff. Currently, an interview is set up with a three-way communication between the candidate, the lead interviewer and the technical interviewer (who is usually in Brazil). The Hiring App will make this communication faster, and streamline the process of scheduling interviews.

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  • Team CDF


    Project Sponsor: Camosun Innovates

    As it stands, Virtual Reality can be sickening. Discordant sensory stimuli between what you see and what you feel can cause nausea. With Camosun Innovates, our Virtual Reality Motion Actuated Racing Simulator builds upon the game, iRacing and the VRX Simulator. We will track the steering wheel and a players’ hands for overlay. These additions will reduce adverse reactions, improve immersion, and enhance the overall experience.

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  • Team CTC


    Project Sponsor: Checkfront

    Capstone Team Checkfront (CTC) is thrilled to partner with Checkfront to develop a mobile application, using the React Native framework, which will serve as a booking and check-in kiosk for Checkfront’s business clients. The application will add value to Checkfront’s existing platform and expedite the process of booking and checking in at client locations.

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  • Team ClipBase


    Project Sponsor: Camosun College Electronics Department

    Team ClipBase is working on the Elex Course and Supplies Tracking System for the Electronics department at Camosun College. Together they'll be developing a web-based application to improve the management and organization for the lab equipment in the storage room.

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  • Team EEV


    Project Sponsor: LevelUpLearning

    Team E 2 + V is excited to work with Matthew Riddet, Dale Chan, and Ryan Robillard to strengthen the LevelUpLearning mobile application. LevelUpLearning uses games to engage children and help them with language development. The objective of this project is to develop more games so that children, parents, and teachers have diverse options that strengthen the impact of learning.

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  • Team Infinity


    Project Sponsor: Marty Donatelli, Camosun College Psychology Department

    Team Infinity is excited to work alongside Camosun College Psychology Instructor Marty Donatelli to continue his vision of the web-based learning application known as Awesominds. Originally designed to show the effects of different learning techniques through learning games, the original project began development in 2017 with former Capstone team GBLP.

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  • Team JAG


    Project Sponsor: Proline Management

    JAG is excited to be working with Proline Management - a property management company on Vancouver Island that provides management services for all types of real estate. We will be providing Proline with the Key Tracking Application (KTA) - a web-based, multi-user interface to provide real-time inventory management of Proline’s property keys. This application will work in conjunction with barcode scanning hardware to streamline Proline’s operations activities.

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  • Team JCS


    Project Sponsor: Ministry of Environment (MoE)

    Team JCS consists of Jeevenn Sangara, Cody Bergin, and Sam May. JCS developed the Ministry of Environment’s (MoE) Social Media Support Application (SMSA). Our Project Sponsor Diana Demarchi’s vision is to increase information accessibility for endangered wildlife, via social media.

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  • Team RealityBytes


    Project Sponsor: Three Trees Technical

    Reality Bytes is developing a mobile application and a web application for Three Trees Technical, a software development and technical consulting firm located in Victoria, BC, Canada. When complete, the application will allow users to vote on live-stream talent competitions. Additionally, administrators will be able to use the web application to analyze voter data and post results.

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  • Team InfinitySecurity


    Project Sponsor: Information Security Branch Office

    Infinity Security strives for Infinity Passion. Their goal is to achieve the best work beyond just experiencing professional work in the technology field. Infinity Security id dedicated to the project because of how important it will be for their future career and the cyber security for their government. They trust and respect each other's opinions. Furthermore, they learn from and inspire each other. This has driven them to make a high-level web scanning service tool within a six-month time limit

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