The annual Capstone Symposium showcases the achievements of Camosun’s senior Electronics & Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering Technology students. Throughout the past 14 weeks, these students dedicated their efforts to creating practical hardware and software solutions to address unique challenges.

You are invited to attend this year’s event held in the Trades Education & Innovation building at the Interurban campus on

This website contains information on the teams and their projects that will be on display at the Capstone event. We hope that you will take the time to visit the booths, as the students will be very pleased to talk with you about their projects. Please visit the teams page for more info!

The Electronics Program

The Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology – Renewable Energy program at Camosun College provides comprehensive training in both hardware and software, equipping graduates to address various industry challenges. The program offers the option to convert the diploma into a degree through the Electronics and Computer Engineering Bridge, leading to a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering. With a special emphasis on renewable energy systems, the program prepares graduates for the growing sector. Career opportunities include computer-aided design, circuitry design, microelectronics, data acquisition, and contributing to high-tech industries.

The Electrical Program

The Electrical Engineering Technology - Marine & Industrial program offers skills for a dynamic career path. Co-op and internship options alternate between full-time studies and paid work, improving job readiness. Graduates can enter the marine or industrial electrical fields or pursue further education at UVIC. This program covers high-tech topics, commencing in September, and focuses on electrical devices such as VFDs, PLCs, and electrical machines, enabling the design of complex systems. Graduates can work in CAD, circuitry design, PLC control systems, complex electrical systems, communication systems, marine electrical propulsion, and more. The diploma can also be transformed into a degree through the Electrical and Computer Engineering Bridge program, directly entering the third year of a Bachelor's degree at UVIC.