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Leaf Tech

LeafTech Solutions is looking to change the way boat propulsion has been done for years. We took a salvaged internal combustion boat motor and converted it to electric in order to minimize noise and environmental pollution while keeping it all in a familiar and recognizable finished product. Using a 48V battery to power a 30Vac 3-phase motor, LeafTech has designed a custom three-phase water-cooled inverter capable of controlling up to 200A. Our reliable and compact system will be a cost-effective alternative to any commercially available system of this size.

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The Conductor

Welcome to Conductor, where innovation meets creativity. Our dynamic team of Temo Guerrero, Jose Figueroa, Joel Legassie, and Italo Hernandez is dedicated to revolutionizing the music industry. We are proud to introduce our pioneering initiative that focuses on the development of a cutting-edge glove utilizing machine learning technology to detect hand gestures and seamlessly translate them into mesmerizing electronic melodies.

Our groundbreaking glove is designed for music producers and artists seeking an innovative approach to musical expression. It integrates a sophisticated microcontroller, acceleration, and distance sensors, enabling wireless transmission of gesture data to a PC. Our advanced neural network accurately deciphers intricate movements, translating them into MIDI commands within a digital audio workstation (DAW).

Immerse yourself in the endless possibilities of real-time music manipulation and performance with our groundbreaking technology at your fingertips. We hope you enjoy the experience!

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Get Parked

As urban areas continue to grow and available parking spots seem to disappear, finding parking becomes an immense hassle. GET PARKED is a team of four dedicated Electrical Engineering Technology Students at Camosun College who have developed a solution to tackle this challenge. Our service utilizes object detection technology integrated into a Raspberry Pi, coupled with a ESP32 LoRa transmitter which sends data to a mobile application and website. Our goal is to revolutionize the way people find parking spaces, providing sustainable solutions to alleviate parking congestion. With GET PARKED, users gain access to a digital map that displays the location and real-time occupancy status of nearby parking lots. This innovative approach simplifies the often hectic process of securing a parking spot in busy urban areas, particularly during rushed moments.

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Introducing Sacredtone, a control system designed to revitalize the historic Deagan Tower Chimes at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in downtown Victoria. Our design features MIDI user input, a microcontroller, and a PLC to control strikers and dampeners to ring and silence the tower chimes reliably, efficiently, and safely. With our system, users can easily switch between Live Play and Playback modes to fit their needs, and can connect their favourite MIDI controller without any hassle. Sacredtone is a cost-effective, modernized solution that seamlessly replaces the pre-existing electrical control system at the church.

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Automated machinery is vital for the success in the industrial world. High-quality, cost-effective robotic arms are a key factor in ensuring seamless and efficient operations. Our group, Thunderclaw, decided to build a robotic arm that was derived from an open-source project named “Thor.” Thor’s movement is powered by seven stepper motors and one servo motor, which gives the arm an impressive five degrees of freedom. The motors are controlled by an Arduino Mega microcontroller. With its advantages in dexterity, efficiency, and precision, our version of Thor will become an essential within the automation industry.

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Ghost Platform

Have you ever wanted to drive a race car? Or experience the thrill of an off-road vehicle. With The Ghost platform, our team strives to make those experiences come true. The Ghost platform is a small, smart recorder for vehicles, similar to how a 'black box' works in airplanes. It's a compact device that can easily attach to any car or moving object. Imagine it as a way to capture everything your vehicle 'sees' and 'feels' during a drive – from the scenery it passes to every turn and bump on the road. The Ghost Platform uses a GoPro camera for visual recording and special sensors to track movement and any impacts the vehicle experiences. All that motion the Ghost Platform captures is designed to be replayed on a simulated chair for a user to experience.

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Minerva aims to bring robotic innovation to chess. Using modern computer vision technology, our robotic arm will detect a player's move and respond with moves of its own. This will allow for a person to train their chess skill against a varying degree of difficulty levels, while still keeping a real world presence different from chess applications.

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Hanoi Droid

The Hanoi Droid project, the culmination of our Electronics Technology program at Camosun College, converged with our group finding out about an old capstone initiated seven to eight years ago. Originating from the ingenuity of a past Capstone project group, the R-Motion same name they addressed the unit (The Robot), this team ambitiously 3D printed and assembled the open-source InMoov robot. Drawing inspiration from their innovative use of an Xbox Kinect Camera to mimic movements, we, the Hanoi Droid team, decided to adventure into this project, which was left as a decorative artefact.

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The SunSync Group: In partnership with the Save your Skin Foundation and Camosun Innovates, we're excited to present SunSync: a smart sunscreen dispenser revolutionizing sun safety. Our innovative student-engineered enhancements transform a traditional sunscreen dispensing into an interactive, user-friendly experience. SunSync is equipped with advanced sensors, a smart circuit, IoT connectivity, and an easy-to-read E-ink display, all seamlessly integrated for optimal functionality. This smart device not only dispenses sunscreen but also educates users about skin health, tracks usage statistics, and monitors sunscreen levels. Experience the intersection of cutting-edge technology and sun safety with SunSync and join us in embracing a smarter way to stay sun-safe.

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