Sponsor Projects / Team Bios

Barn School

Julia Morgan lives in Victoria. Her journey began with her own son, who was non-verbal and diagnosed as severely autistic and is now an outgoing, talkative and confident little boy, a transformation that Julia credits to the horses because learning to connect with his environment more like a horse would. The connections between her son and horses inspired her to start the barn school. So, she can help the non-verbal students through the barn school.

Bridging Mixed Reality

Camosun Innovates Augmented Reality Product Design Review System (ARPDRS) is to improve the current prototyping process. Enabling Camosun Innovates to prototype in the digital domain. The project will design and develop a Hololens application for this purpose.


Code Orchestra has the pleasure of working with Smart Controller Inc to develop a temperature control system to be utilized by breweries around Victoria. The idea began as a passion project for the sponsor Mike Cowland and he has begun the process of making it a marketable product.

Dark Black

In order for restaurants to succeed they need to ensure that they are keeping proper records of inventory, sales, and expenses. Current commercial options are complicated, expensive, and time- consuming. This leads to many people resorting to excel or other makeshift management systems. This is why Dirk Britton, our sponsor, is hoping to address these issues by streamlining the management process as much as possible through the web application he made called DarkBlack. Our project is to add a feature to this application that makes it even more complete and more helpful to its users.


Pacific Forestry Center has tasked Team Data³ with developing a subsystem to efficiently disseminate remotely sensed data over the National Forest Information System using Open Geospatial Consortium APIs, and implement a cutting-edge Open Data Cube raster database. This subsystem will enhance the ability of the NFIS to share analysis-ready data with forestry researchers across Canada. It is a great pleasure for our team to work with Pacific Forestry Centre on this project.


Key12 has been tasked with modernizing and streamlining a course management page for students in the Civil Engineering program at Camosun for sponsor Peter Burrage, a Civil Engineering professor. This Capstone Project Group is formed of Bruno Koloska, Chase Frechette, Benjamin Thompson and Dylan Taje. The group is called Key12, and was actually formed in summer of 2017 (minus Chase) for ICS 199. The members created a database-driven site that “sold” video games for download. Chase was added to the group in January 2018.

Matching Minds

Matching Minds is excited to work with Adam Beech to create Market Day, an online platform to advertise local businesses and markets through a web/mobile app. Our aim is to help people find great businesses locally. When the app development will be completed, Market Day will display different markets in an organized and structured way to keep users informed about ongoing markets and fairs.


Rooof helps property management companies seamlessly create automated classified ads. Team Roooftop will provide an application that tracks the current morale of Rooof employees using two Amazon Web Services IoT buttons. This application will be used mainly by human resources to track trends in employee morale and make correlations with team performance.


The current market for Radio Frequency Spectrum Analyzers is limited to corporate consumers due to a massive price point and convoluted user interfaces. Project Spectro, sponsored by Trace Consulting, aims to remedy this exclusivity with a reliable, transparent, and simplistic radio frequency scanner aimed at the average tech-savvy consumer.


Team Socotra has been granted the opportunity to work with one of the fastest growing tech companies in Victoria, Checkfront. Checkfront provides third-party online booking and reservation service for tourism companies’ websites. Recently, Checkfront has released a new service called SiteBuilder. SiteBuilder is a CMS site-building tool that allows customers to choose from six themes designed specifically for tourism and booking websites. We will create a Site Builder Lite theme to update the current customer-facing booking portal so that it provides a modern look and greater functionality for those customers that choose not to use their CMS tool.

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Team Smile

Team SMILE is excited to pair with Matthew Riddett and Dale Chan on Project SMILE (Simple Motivating Interactive Literacy Education) to create a mobile learning application. Project SMILE aims to solve reading challenges faced by children with nonverbal autism by providing a visual way to share their interests with parents and educators.