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Project Listings

 ACD Systems
Knowledge Base

The ChillTown team is creating a Web-enabled Knowledge Base application called FastFacts that will provide customers with the power to search for and solve their own technical issues.


British Columbia Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management
Transparent Project Tracking System

The Transparent Project Tracking System will provide the British Columbia Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management with a powerful tool for collecting information about those projects from project managers all over the Province.  


PerfectWorld innovations inc
GuitarBot Composer

The GuitarBot Composer application allows musicians and computer users a means to create original guitar music via a graphical user interface.  Musical scores created with GuitarBot Composer can be exported to a format which the GuitarBot device can then play.  This easy-to-use interface, which includes many advanced options, makes the GuitarBot Composer software a very powerful tool.


The B.C. Foster Care Education Program
Web Registration System

The Ministry of Children and Family Development has requested a web-based system to register, track and report student participation and report program statistics.  This will be accomplished by designing the interfaces with the clientís direct needs in mind, instead of implementing a generic solution for course registrations (which is what the current system offers).  The new system will also be able to be adapted to be used in other program registrations, which are offered at Camosun. 


Monk Office Supply
Mobile Inventory and Order Tracking System

Using leading edge technology, Monk Office Supply wants to provide their Sales Representatives with customer and inventory information at their fingertips. Using a Palm m105 the Sales Reps will have the ability to find a customerís order status and up-to-date inventory information in seconds.   


The Stock Dynamo Back Testing Application

The Stock Dynamo Back Testing application will allow users to test their favourite trading systems for buying and selling stocks on several year's worth of historical stock data.  It will allow users to fine-tune their trading systems for maximum profitability.  It will be sold as an added feature of the Stock Dynamo suite of stock analysis tools, which is an important tool for day traders and professional portfolio managers.


Avue Digital Services
Agency Configuration Module

The Agency Configuration Module for Avue Digital Services dynamically generates web pages based on data stored in an Oracle Database. These pages are used to edit data that controls the appearance and behavior of Avue Digital Services. This enables trusted users such as Agency System Administrators and Avue Developers to control exactly what information is displayed to Avue Digital Services' users.  


Automated Form Conversion System

The system is a standalone Java application that extracts form elements and their attributes from a PDF file and reproduces them into an XFDL file creating a carbon copy of the original form.  The tool enables PureEdge to convert PDF forms quickly and effectively allowing them to extend their services to a wider range of customers.


Pacific Forestry Centre
GeoExplore Client

The GeoExplore Capstone team has continued the development of the GeoExplore Client, formerly called the IWC client. This application retrieves and combines maps and other geographical data from external sources using XML and Java servlets. The GeoExplore Client is developed entirely in Java, and uses Java WebStart for distribution over the Internet.  


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